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Mayor Bloomberg King in New York

Before the violence lies gaslighting at Dr Andrew Fagelman’s — mayor Bloomberg king of New York part one part two and today the third part three I’ve aged 100 years I don’t recognize myself

I did a second one Mayor Bloomberg King of NY part two which was very “breadth” when I was using cleavage to really talk about women being objectified seen and not being “heard”, people can’t seem to hear the content of what we have to say which ties into my letter published in the financial times women’s rights lack of quality economic power basic human rights in 2000 – 12 years later ironic sickening I am violated assaulted in 2012 google dr Fagelman assault youtube

I am anti-trump and Bloomberg.

‪Suzannah Troy on The Mark Simone show WOR aprox 17 min in on Mike Bloomberg, Rattner, 911 tech, FDNY‬

slammed Bloomberg on the Mark Simone show I am not a Republican and I do not support Donald Trump but it was great to expose Bloomberg Rattner pay to play scandal, closed fire house after Sept 11, ECTP the 911 tech corruption etc and get my voice heard. Can’t express how ironic it is that Barry Diller funded west side story Barry Diller allege is behind having all my videos removed from Vimeo Diller is photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell – ask Diller about Jeffrey Epstein the Mann Act if he knows anyone else had violated the Mann Act?

‪ If u were party to gaslighting me don’t buy my book I want to sue u like Rose McGowan suing Weinstein lawyers etc‬

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