The West is ON FIRE

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Climate Change Batters the West Before Summer Even Begins | The New York Times:
Costly frost in France attributed to climate change |
BOJ unveils plan to launch new scheme on climate change | Reuters:
Maine becomes first US state to pass law to divest from fossil fuels | Independent:
Krill face a double whammy of climate change | Earth:
Heineken wants to link executive pay to climate change goals | Fortune:
The amount of heat the Earth traps has doubled since 2005 | Washington Post:
Ikea and Rockefeller foundations in $10bn clean energy push | Financial Times:
Climate fund considers India, South Africa to pilot $2bn coal transition scheme | Climate Change News:
Science Museum faces backlash over Shell sponsorship of climate exhibition | Culture Unstained:
We Need to Manage a Careful Retreat From Climate Change, Scientists Say | Science Alert:
UN blasts world leaders for failing to seal 72bn-a-year deal on climate | The Guardian:
EU farming policy failing to fight climate change, auditors say | Reuters:
Fourth annual #ShowYourStripes brings climate change awareness | KXAN:
Climate coverage booms, but still pales compared to weather | Axios:
Great Barrier Reef Warning a Sideshow to Climate Catastrophe | The Sydney Morning Herald:
Aviation’s contribution to cutting climate change likely to be small | EurekAlert:
Devon Sets Net Zero Greenhouse-Gas Target | MarketWatch:
Study says rising mercury levels in fish linked to climate change | Open Access Government:

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