Morgan Stanley’s New York office bans unvaccinated staff and clients

New York is a city in the United States (CNN Business) If employees at Morgan Stanley’s New York headquarters have not received the Covid-19 vaccine, they will be barred from working there. Non-vaccinated guests and clients will be subject to the rule as well.
Morgan Stanley said in a memo to its employees in the New York metropolitan area that all staff working in buildings with a “large employee presence” must confirm their vaccination status by July 1st, according to a source close to the company.
“Vaccine attestation is on an honorary basis for employees, contingent workforce, clients, and visitors,” the source added. The news was first reported by the Financial Times.
Starting July 12, the company plans to extend the vaccination requirement to employees and visitors at other Morgan Stanley locations in New York City and nearby Westchester.
According to a source, Morgan Stanley (MS) has lifted restrictions on employees returning to the bank’s New York headquarters. An employee was shot in the leg during a security scare at the company’s London office earlier this month, prompting the move. Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman has previously taken a tough stance against employees returning to work.
Steve Gorman of Goldman Sachs says he’ll be “very disappointed” if workers don’t return to work by Labor Day. According to Gorman, more than 90% of Goldman’s employees have received the flu vaccine. The Wall Street banking behemoth is rushing to put the epidemic of remote work behind it.

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