Biden’s Gun Reform, UK Strain Dominates & Uber’s Stimulus- Thursday, April 8th, 2021

The news to know for Thursday, April 8th, 2021!

We’re talking about:

new gun regulations President Biden is expected to announce today and the reaction to them how AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine is facing another setback what caused Tiger Woods to crash his SUV Uber’s version of a stimulus plan the iPhone update coming that impacts who can track you online All that and more in around 10 minutes…

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Executive Action Expected on Guns: Politico, NPR, Fox News, AP, Rep. McCarthy

UK Strain Dominant in U.S.: NY Times, Fox News, NBC News

AstraZeneca’s EU Setback: BBC, Stat News, Reuters, NPR, EMA

KY Expands Voting Rights: Lexington Herald Leader, NY Times, CNN

VA Legalizes Marijuana: AP, NPR, NBC News, WaPo

Tiger Woods Crash Cause: ESPN, Fox News, AP, Tiger Woods, LA County Sheriff

Uber & Lyft Offering Bonuses: The Verge, Financial Times, CNBC, Uber

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency: Digital Trends, TechCrunch, Mac Rumors, Apple

Federal Agency Holding Mask Design Challenge: HHS, The Hill, CNN

How to Enter the Contest: Challenge.Gov

Thing to Know Thursday: China Creates Digital Currency: WSJ, CNBC, South China Morning Post, Business Insider

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