CV Central – 3/9/2020 – “Drive Through Testing, Italy ICU Overrun, New York and Houston considered”

Our fifth week of service begins with Episode 25.  A report from Japan of the first coronavirus related case of meningitis kicks off our coverage.  16 million Italians are now under quarantine to arrest the spread of the deadly pandemic even as doctors in Italy report the ICUs are overloaded, younger people are getting sick in a later wave, and that rationing access to hospitals will be necessary.  We look at how Germany is slowly getting up to speed and how borders are starting to form in Europe.  A trip to New York which is racing to surpass Washington for case numbers shows community spread is increasing, and we see Houston following a similar model just a few days behind.  New mathematical modeling reveals thousands of cases likely to be present in the United States.  On the testing front, America asks Korea for help as the University of Washington pilots a drive thru testing facillity to increase safety and sanitation, needed as we now know air conditioners may spread #Covid-19.

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Meningitis related to Covid observed in Japan:

Italy quarantines northern portion of country:

Italian Intensitve Care Association claims hard choices must be made about who gets care as cases exceed capacity for treatment:
Italian doctors inform that ICU demand is rising with younger patients showing infection later than older victims:
Germany crosses 1,000 cases with closures on the horizon:
Swiss unable to import protective equipment from Germany:
Czechs begin random border searches of people entering from Germany for coronavirus:
NY Area tops 100 cases:
New Yorkers asked to avoid mass transit:
Houston area up to 12 cases all traced back to Egyptian cruise:
Wrangling over the Rodeo – citizens petition to halt Houston Rodeo for public health:
New study conservatively estimates there were nearly 10k cases in US as of March 1st:
Coronavirus spread through air conditioning:
US asks Korea for collaboration to build better testing protocol using drive thru method:
First drive thru facility implemented in Seattle for UWashington key staff:
Global shipping down over 80% due to reduced demand and Covid related disruptions:
Oil war slashing prices as global demand tanks:
Financial Times updates including potential for market shutdown:

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